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Learn How To Become Confident In English Communication Using The Power Of Videos In 90 Days

 ☑ Are you a working professional who feels lack of confidence and self doubt while speaking with others in English?

 ☑ Do you want to attract more career opportunities locally and globally by improving your English communication skills?

 ☑  Do you want to overcome the fear of speaking by just using your smartphone and power of videos (without going to boring classes by learning at your preferred time)?

If your answer if YES, this masterclass is for you. 

Sunday 11:00 AM (IST)


How This Masterclass Will Impact You ?

Hundred's of people have attended this session and got clarity in their learning journey

Have More Confidence

Bring more confidence in your personality improving your communication skills and become Magnetic Person.

Overcome Thinking Problem

Get rid of the problem of translating and become a person who thinks in English with easy ways available.  

Get Growth In Career

Career growth become easy because 99% of MNC's hire people who are confident English Communicators.

Global Communication

Build your network worldwide and meaningful connection which will help you to learn and bring opportunities worldwide.

Overcome Fear Of Speaking

Speaking fluently in English is people's one of the dream and you can learn it and overcome fumbling and Glassofobia.

Laser Focused Learning

Get Focused and precise learning in this information overload time where everyone is delievering Bits & Pieces.

What Members Says ?

CA Deepak Kakkar - New Delhi

Prashant Pandey - Engineer - UP

Sushmita Singh - Engineer - UP

Shahryay Alam - Project Manager - Mumbai

Karamjeet Singh - Educationist - Jalandhar

Miken Golwala - CA Final/Auditor - Surat

In 2 Hours, You will learn :

What are the resistences and belief you need to break to master the Game of Confidence. It is all about the confidence.

How improving your communication skills can bring lots of opportunities in your life and career and you can beceom an introvert to confident communicator. 

The proven scientific concept of the psychological loop to learn and master any skill in the world. 

I will bring some easy to implement example which will help you to understand all concepts in easy manner.

What are the major areas to cover and most importantly the easiest part to start from today using Digital Tools and Techniques.

What are the stages of confidence? You will come to know your level of confdence and from there you will be able to improve your English Communication.

Here, I am going to share my 3 secrets that helped me to become fluent and confident English Communicator in LSWR.

After learning all, I will show you the six step plan to follow for the next 90 days so you can say, "YES. I AM CONFIDENT COMMUNICATOR".

Bonuses you will get, in this Masterclass

Ebook – 11 Ways To Become Confident Communicator

You will learn from my story. How I came from Hindi medium background and became global communicator. I have share my 11 steps which will help you to become Conifdent Communication (if you apply and practice).

Communication Blueprint Course

You will learn:-

– What is Communication ? What, Why And How of this life changing skill.

– Opportunities which will come to you once you learn Communication..

– Types of Communication.

– How to become Confident in Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking

And much more…


English Confidence Bootcamp

You will learn:-

– The conversation starting technique and sentences

– How to improve vocabulary in easy but effective way

– How to form sentences very easily using Universal sentence structure

– Top lessons on grammar to become confident in English

– How to overcome the fear of tenses and time zone

And much more…

Lifetime Access To VIP Group

This is an exclusive group for all action takers. I have given some actionable tasks in the course and book which you can do and practice in the group. It is great to have community of like-minded people and this group is meant to be for Action Takers. This group is an energy booster for those who lack motivation and support while learning. When you see others to take action, you will be inspired by them to learn and to implement the learning automatically. That is the power of community and this VIP group gives you that strength in learning.

So you can learn and practice with other group membes. You will get feedback from peers and comments which will keep you alive in the game. Not only that, you will have a network of other professionals which will help you in your learning. 

Also, I share useful and important updates in the group so you get learnings and updates in this group.

Divyesh Dave

Learn directly from TESOL-Canada certified mentor who also has 15+ years of corportate world experience himself. 

Divyesh Dave worked As Senior Manager in International MNC's in multiple countries and later on found "The Communication Club", India's own digital school for working professionals to learn and enhance Communication Skills. And, helped hundreds of juniour and mid level working professionals with easy, simplified approach in this information overload time.

Webinar Essentials

How much time will it take?

Please block your 90 minutues for focused learning in this masterclass. There will be seperate Q&A as well for your help at the end.

How can I Join ?

The link to the masterclass will be sent to you in an email, so please check email and we will also remind you before starting the masterclass.

Who should attend?

Individuals and working professionals who are stuck in their career and willing for growth and opportunities by enhancing their Communication Skills.


This masterclass will be live and you can join from your mobile or pc/laptop and there will be no recording or replays.

This Masterclass Is For You If....

- You are "Less Confident" working professional trying to grow in your career with Confidence.

- You are lacking guidance in your English Communication learning journey.

- You tried everything but could not get results.

- You are lacking the easy and focused learning approach.

- You are getting addicted to social media and not able to focus on study.

- You are getting stuck in this information overload and do not know. "where to go and where to start". 

- You are facing problem "Not Thinking In English".

- You are lacking the environment of practice your Communication Skills.

- You are willing to learn at any time, any stage.

- You want to Become A Confident Global Communicator.

- You want to become part of a Community of Like Minded people.


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